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The Business Value of BIM: Getting Building Information Modeling to the Bottom Line is the latest in McGraw-Hill Construction’s cutting-edge market intelligence SmartMarket series. Building on two previous publications Building Information Modeling (2008) and Interoperability (2007), the 2009 report finds that BIM adoption has grown dramatically, now in use by half the North American construction industry.

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This report provides 52 pages of new insights on BIM adoption and the value that users are experiencing. For non-users the report explores their reasons for not implementing BIM and the factors that would motivate them to implement BIM in the future. For adopters the report probes deeper into their length of usage and level of expertise; their usage levels (% of projects) – now and in the future; the cost of their types of BIM investments they are making; and the return on investment (ROI) and business benefits that they are getting from using BIM. Six case studies and six industry perspectives provide additional insight into how companies today are implementing BIM within their organizations and deriving tangible business benefits as a result.

Key research findings include:

  • Almost 50% of the industry is now using BIM
  • 20% of non-users plan to adopt with 2 years
  • All BIM users plan significant increases in their use
  • The vast majority of users experience measurable business benefits directly attributable to BIM.

There are also Case Studies showing how BIM is solving real problems on actual projects, and Special Features including closer looks at BIM’s emerging roles with green design, marketing, and infrastructure/industrial projects.

Download the report now.

BIM Data: Dive Deeper

Throughout the digital version of the SmartMarket Report are links to deeper data and resources, including:

  • Background/Objectives/Methodology
    Abstract: These slides give the background, objectives, and methodology that were used in conducting this survey.
  • Executive Summary
    This Executive Summary outlines the BIM survey’s key findings in the key areas of: Adoption of BIM Software; Value from BIM; Non-Users of BIM.
  • Detailed Findings Adoption of BIM Software
    These detailed findings provide additional details that help enhance the key findings and case studies found in the “Adoption of BIM” section in the BIM Report.
  • BIM Adoption By U.S. State & Canadian Province
    The survey was conducted in collaboration with industry associations in both the U.S. and Canada. A map is included showing the percentage regional breakdown in North America.
  • Detailed Findings Value of BIM
    These detailed findings provide additional details that help enhance the key findings and case studies found in the four “Value of BIM” sections in the BIM report.

    • 2009 Special Survey on Impact of BIM on Marketing
      In August 2009, McGraw-Hill Construction in collaboration with the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) conducted a special survey of 296 companies to determine the impact that BIM is having on marketing AEC firm’s capabilities to clients. These slides provide the detailed results of that survey.
    • Integrated Project Delivery
      This document is a Special Section on Integrated Project Delivery reprinted from the October 2009 of McGraw-Hill Construction’s New York Construction magazine. Its purpose is to provide a broad overview of this trend with definitions, explanations, examples and a list of many sources for further reference.
  • Detailed Findings Non-Users of BIM
    These slides are the detailed finding of McGraw-Hill Construction’s 2009 BIM survey, a portion of which was focused on the perceptions of BIM non-users.
  • Appendix
    This appendix provides answers to open-ended questions that were asked during the McGraw-Hill Construction’s 2009 BIM survey.
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We invite the AEC industry to discuss the “Business Value of BIM” with McGraw-Hill Construction’s BIM expert, Steve Jones, who is hosting a forum on this critical topic.

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